How to choose your investments

When you open an account, you'll be asked to choose investments. This requires some thought and a review of your options.

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Assess your comfort level with risk.

Before you choose your investments, you'll want to consider your investment personality. Are you a bit of a risk-taker, or do you tend to be more conservative? Maybe you fall somewhere in between.

2. Choose a strategy.

Decide if you want a portfolio that's professionally managed for you or if you want to create your own mix of investments (individual portfolios) and manage it yourself over time.

3. Select your investments.

Review the available investment options, which cover all major asset classes—stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves. You can select up to 5 investments per account.

You can choose from among 20 Target Enrollment Portfolios, in which target allocations of the Portfolio automatically adjust to more conservative allocations as your Beneficiary approaches the date they are expected to enroll in school or an eligible program.

If you prefer to manage your own investments, you can choose from our 14 individual portfolios and put together your own mix.

Stock portfolios


Balanced portfolios


Bond and short-term reserve portfolios




More aggressive
(more risk/reward)

More conservative
(less risk/reward)


Note: There are also detailed descriptions for all of the investment options included in our Disclosure Booklet and Tuition Savings Agreement.

Read the Disclosure Booklet