Share your Ugift code to make giving easier

When friends and relatives ask what to give your kids for holidays or birthdays, just give them your code: the Ugift® code that will allow them to contribute to your child's 529 college savings account. Thousands of families have already received more than $100 million in gifts through Ugift.

This code is safe to share

Each of your 529 accounts has a unique Ugift code. To find your code, log on to your 529 account and select the Ugift link. You can email your code to friends and family, include it on party invitations, or share it via social media.

You can now link from Ugift to Facebook, where you'll find a post that's prepopulated with your code and a message. You only need to select the friends you want to see the post.

Once they have your code, your friends and family can log on to; enter the code, their name, and the gift amount; and choose whether they want to make their gift electronically or by check.

The code makes the transaction secure, but the gift givers won't have to register for or log on to the site. And they won't have to pay a service fee, as some programs charge. They'll see a confirmation after making their gift, and they can also choose to receive a confirmation by email. You'll get a confirmation too.

Once your friends and family have the code, they can use it to give a gift at any time.

If you don't have email addresses for everyone asking for gift ideas, or if your friends and family aren't on social media, you can mail them an invitation that includes a printed coupon. Then they can contribute to your child's account by mailing a check with the coupon.

Find out who gave

After the holidays are over or the birthdays have passed, simply log on to your 529 accounts and follow the See Ugift history link to see who your kids can thank for helping them get that much closer to making their college savings goals a reality.


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